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" Ha nem teheted azt, hogy külföldi országokat, szép helységeket és városokat láss és ismerj, legalább igyekezz hazádnak azon keskeny körét, melyben születtél, vagy ahol lakol - bármilyen is az - megismerni és ismertetni."
(Jánosfalvi Sándor István)
News / Newness
The web-site of Rika microregion was created, where everybody who's interested can take a look at the beautys of the region.


The region atractions

The region is rich in natural, ethnographic, cultural and architectural values, and traditions. This area is determining the lifestyle; it has wonderful powers, highlands, and colorful fields, which kept in this place the Szekler people with basic force. The region attracts also the tourists, not only with the natural endowments, beauties, and the rich popular and cultural traditions, but also with the hospitable population. The problem is that sometimes the neglected ways, the weak infrastructure frightens away the refined visitors, used with luxury conditions.

Harsányi Zsolt wrote in 1941, in the preface of his book titled „The book of traveler”, and it is always topical: a "the rich natural treasure shows the abundance, the interesting elements of the culture of Transylvania, that immediately raises the firm conviction: these beautiful pine-grove landscapes, the lovely little villages, … are one of the most beautiful places from Europe. This land is the rival of Switzerland in the beauties of the nature." These sentences, our natural treasure, the endowments, the possibilities, the hospitable population oblige us to regional development as the tool of the integrated development of villages, to develop properly the rural tourism as a supplement of the agricultural production, enlarger of the employment, and the future form of holidays.

The village part of Rika Micro-regional Association long time ago is not as it was at the beginning of the last century. Life never was easy on this miraculous region, where traditions, the popular culture and the rural values are the most important. The main task of the next generation is to explore the farmhouse traditions, to fix the condition of the popular culture, to discover the local custom, to summarize the rural values. All these are an important task of the regional development, and in this can help also the development and spreading of the rural tourism in our native land.

The Rika-mountain
It is the most important mountain of Rika Micro-regional Association, which was named after this mountain. Part of the Persanyi-mountains (Persani), the Eastern-Persany (Rika-mountain) projecting heights are protecting the near settlements. In geologists’ opinion in the geological New Age, or the Third Age, before Ice Age in the direction of Harghita-Persany there raised a huge breaking. Near this break a long row of volcano were functioning for long times, which after consolidation of the lava, gave to the population of the micro-region a variety of useful rocks, and also near the breaking line a large number of spas with priceless mineral water, quenching the thirstiness of visitors and curing different diseases. The Rika fascinates the tourist who is visiting it, who conquered its peak, top. Who walked even once on the paths of Rika, always desires to come back here. Who knows what brings back the one-day visitors? May be the beauty of the nature changing in every season, every part of day, the thick forests or the sparkling stars in summer nights, the deep blue of the autumn or the rich hills offering their fruits, or maybe the balmy air and the tasteful mineral waters?

This region is like "where the nature is innocent, like a child and beautiful like the healed sore. The sparkling is reflected from mountains, rivlets, windows and even from the nose of the farm-wagon driver. /…/ Here everything is beautiful, even the smoke twisted in the air. Everywhere I see the interesting, a little bit high-flown Szekler light, which wants to lay a fire even the under the sun. There is not possible to create such a nice place, not even in the fairy tales. Here you find the eternity of life, which never meets death and counts the remaining days of people…" (Nyíro József)

If you want to discover the hidden beauties, get acquainted with each settlement of the micro-region.

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